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Master's Thesis

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Geography and Geosciences

Degree Program

Geography (Applied), MS

Committee Chair

Day, C. Andrew

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Howarth, David

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Howarth, David

Committee Member

Croasdaile, Michael

Author's Keywords

Urban Flooding; Sewer System Inundation; Surface Water Runoff; Time-lapse Photography; Dual Drainage Modeling; Hydrology


Over the past few decades on the University of Louisville Belknap campus urban flooding has become more frequent as a result of surface water runoff and sewer inundation. This urban flooding is a result of ongoing watershed urbanization and rapid expansion of the local sewer system to accommodate the expanding city of Louisville. However little research has been conducted on this issue, despite continued flooding on and adjacent to campus. Using the EPA Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) we applied a dual drainage modeling approach that combines both surface and subsurface drainage data to produce a flood hydrograph at the main outlet drainage point for a series of storm events. The output from this modeling was then compared to a real-time series dataset through the use of time-lapse photography for model verification. From our results we were able to identify and isolate key choke points in the campus drainage system that promotes sewer system inundation and surface flooding across campus.