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Master's Thesis

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering, MS

Committee Chair

Williams, Stuart

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Kelecy, Andrea

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Kelecy, Andrea

Committee Member

Berson, Eric

Author's Keywords

porous; flow rate; pressure; ergun; forchheimer; darcy


This research experimentally observed the relationship between pressure drop and flow rate for high velocity, radial flow through porous media. The criterion for what represents high velocity is a function of the Reynold’s number of the flow. Pressure drop – flow rate curves were developed by flowing air and water through the porous carbon block samples. Each sample’s permeability was calculated from on the air test results. Each sample’s porosity was determined through digital microscope image analysis. Darcy’s Law, the Forchheimer equation, and the Ergun equation were converted to the radial flow domain and compared to the experimental data. The modified Forchheimer equation appeared to be the most accurate predictor of a component of the physical results, although further geometric analysis is necessary to determine the form drag coefficient and end effects. Obtaining these values will allow for a full pressure drop – flow rate relationship prediction.