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Master's Thesis

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Anthropology, MA

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Haws, Jonathan

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Beyin, Amanuel

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Beyin, Amanuel

Committee Member

Cascalheira, Joao

Author's Keywords

Paleolithic; Iberia; spatial analysis; cave; Magdalenian; Portugal


Spatial analysis at the site level offers unique perspectives and has become increasingly more accessible as advances in technology allow rapid 3-dimensional mapping and rigorous statistical analysis. This project focused on the geological stratigraphic level “F”, at Lapa do Picareiro; a shallow cave in the Estremadura region of Portugal. This level, dated to 14,000 years ago calibrated BP, experienced multiple human occupations between the Last Glacial Maximum and the Younger Dryas. This work examines the recovered material from a period of Upper Magdalenian occupations and sheds light on how enclosed space was used in Estremadura Portugal. Distinct distributions of lithic and faunal remains between different zones of cave ceiling height show evidence of the impacts of head room and trampling on the assemblage. Excavator bias is also considered, as its effects are apparent in the point clouds generated from the digital recording of artifact locations in three dimensional space.