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Master's Thesis

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Communication, MA

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Freberg, Karen

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Chisholm, James

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Chisholm, James

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Futrell, Al

Author's Keywords

social media; attitudes; perceptions; student; instructor; theory of planned behavior


The purpose of this study is to understand what student attitudes are toward using social media in the classroom and if those attitudes influenced how they perceive instructors using social media in the classroom. Implementing a mixed method approach, this study conducted focus groups to gain an in-depth understanding of what student attitudes were and why they held those ideas. A survey was then distributed to the students’ in a Midwestern University to see if there was a relationship between students attitudes and their perceptions of instructors who use social media. Results showed that students do hold a positive attitude toward using social media if the participation was voluntary. The survey results showed only certain items (such as voluntariness and proficiency) moderately correlated with the perception of the instructor. Implications of the results as well as the limitations and potential for future research are discussed.