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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

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Studio Art and Design, MFA

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Rhodes, Che

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Leininger, Margaret

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Leininger, Margaret

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Singel, Rachel

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Buchanan, Rhonda

Author's Keywords

transplant; Latin America; migration; glass; ceramics


This thesis will describe my body of work both formally and conceptually and accompanies my thesis exhibition. In the Introduction section, I will discuss my influences and the forms that I am exploring in creating this body of work and the experience that provided me with first-hand knowledge that pertains to immigrants. In Methods and Materials, I will discuss the materials that I used, glass, ceramics and metal. I will separate the glass and ceramics in two categories as each material was handled differently. I will also touch on the metal frame that is utilized to suspend the forms. In Concept and Artistic Influences, I will discuss the concept for this body of work, my experiences that contributed to the work, and I will explain in chronological order the individual sculptures, as well as touch on my artistic influences that informed my work. In the Conclusion, portion I will discuss how my experience in the graduate program has influenced my work and the direction I see myself taking artistically in the future.

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