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Master's Thesis

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Oral Biology

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Oral Biology, MS

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Demuth, Donald

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Sandell, Lisa

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Sandell, Lisa

Committee Member

Lamont, Rich


Background: Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans (Aa) possesses a two-component system, QseBC, which is key in biofilm formation/virulence and is activated in the presence of iron-catecholamine complexes. Aa does not synthesize enterobactin, a catechol-based siderophore, yet possesses the machinery for recognition and uptake. We hypothesize that Aa is able to acquire iron by catecholamine mediation through the enterobactin receptor/transporter. Methods: By insertional mutation, we attempted to delete the enterobactin permease from the genome using suicide vector pJT1. A growth curve of truncated mutant ΔfepA was also conducted to observe growth in the presence of iron and catecholamines. Statistical significance was determined by ANOVA (p