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Master's Thesis

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Physics and Astronomy

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Physics, MS

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Sumanasekera, Gamini

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Jasinski, Jacek

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Jasinski, Jacek

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Yu, Ming


A relatively inexpensive method for obtaining high quality lithium-CFx batteries is reported. Nickel acetate and citric acid are used to synthesize a precursor which is then annealed and subsequently etched to fabricate highly uniform 3 nm radius pristine CNCs. These CNCs are then functionalized with fluorine using an RF plasma system. The resulting fluorinated CNCs are then combined with a carbon binder and pressed onto a stainless steel mesh to form a CFx cathode. This cathode is then tested in a coin cell primary battery with a lithium anode. Results indicate that a specific capacity of 660 mAh/g was achieved for a sample with a calculated x value of 0.93.