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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

Degree Program

Art, MA

Committee Chair

Whitesell, John

Committee Co-Chair (if applicable)

Grubola, James T.

Committee Member

Grubola, James T.

Committee Member

Christensen, Jean


Abstractions of shape and space is the theme of this thesis. These prints and drawings were created between September, 1984 and October, 1986. Emphasis was placed on developing a body of work which is expressive, spontaneous, and rhythmical.

Intaglio was chosen as a major area of concentration. I experimented with soft-ground etching, hard-ground etching, machine engraving, scraping, burnishing, open bite, sugar lift, aquatint, and with several techniques for color printing. The project also involved a study of various media with the purpose of finding a technique as artistically satisfying as intaglio but less physically demanding to execute. Colored pencils and pen and ink were eventually chosen as the favored medium.

Jones_1.jpg (2352 kB)
Pompeii, Italy, Etching (1986)

Jones_2.jpg (2647 kB)
Roco de Paulina, Etching (1986)

Jones_3.jpg (4185 kB)
Perugian Arch, Etching (1986)

Jones_4.jpg (3688 kB)
Etruscan Tomb, Etching (1986)

Jones_5.jpg (4251 kB)
Unknown Passages II (1985)

Jones_6.jpg (3488 kB)
Cat Scan (1985)

Jones_7.jpg (4805 kB)
In God We Trust (1984)

Jones_8.jpg (3948 kB)
Collage of Antique Lace (1985)

Jones_9.jpg (3050 kB)
Untitled, Intaglio (1986)

Jones_10.jpg (3264 kB)
More Than One Angle, Etching (1985)

Jones_11.jpg (3824 kB)
Roman Aquaduct (1986)

Jones_12.jpg (5675 kB)
Pompeii Kitchen (1986)

Jones_13.jpg (3251 kB)
Near Saint Francis of Asisi (1986)

Jones_14.jpg (3201 kB)
Under Perugia's Expressway (1986)

Jones_15.jpg (3883 kB)
Ponti Vecchio (1986)

Jones_16.jpg (3482 kB)
Gubbio Arches (1986)

Jones_17.jpg (2635 kB)
Gubbio Arches in color (1986)

Jones_18.jpg (3743 kB)
Return to Perugia (1986)

Jones_19.jpg (3298 kB)
Windows to the Unknown (1985)

Jones_20.jpg (3483 kB)
Time Warp (1985)

Jones_21.jpg (4434 kB)
Quickening Power (1986)

Jones_22.jpg (2760 kB)
Metamorphosis (1985)

Jones_23.jpg (3353 kB)
Etruscan Tomb, Empty (1986)

Jones_24.jpg (3300 kB)
Etruscan Tombs (1986)

Jones_25.jpg (2717 kB)
Etruscan Tomb, Waiting? (1986)

Jones_26.jpg (3020 kB)
Etruscan Tombs (1986)

Jones_27.jpg (3646 kB)
Roman Aquaduct... (1986)

Jones_28.jpg (2084 kB)
Untitled, Gubbio, Italy (1986)

Rita_Ford_Jones_MA_Exhibition_Mailer.pdf (1788 kB)
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibition Post Card