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Master's Thesis

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Aldikacti Marshall, Gul M.

Author's Keywords

Gender construction; Science fiction; Television shows; Textual analysis; Battlestar Galactica; Starbuck


Women on television; Science fiction television programs--United States--History and criticism; Battlestar Galactica (Television program : 1978-1979); Battlestar Galactica (Television program : 2004-2009)


This study used textual analysis to compare a science fiction television show from the 1970's to its remake in the 2000's concerning the representation of women in the shows and what that representation signifies about the United States' depiction of gender roles. Battlestar Galactica, its 1978 version and 2003 remake, was chosen. Coding sheets were utilized for each character for each episode of the show. Each coding sheet listed several themes such as toughness and gender stereotypes to be explored, and each character had a character profile based on the themes explored. It was predicted that the series would illustrate a change in gender roles and stereotypes between these two decades. After creating the character profiles, trends in each theme were determined. The trends signified a change in gender role depictions in science fiction television shows. These trends are directly correlated to changes in United States culture.