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Master's Thesis

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering, MS

Committee Chair

Kate, Kunal

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Atre, Sundar

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Atre, Sundar

Committee Member

Satyavolu, Jagannadh

Author's Keywords

powder injection molding; ceramic; PZT; moldex3d; simulation; feedstock model; micropillar array


Powder injection molding (PIM) process simulations can be performed to minimize the number of injection molding experiments by estimating material properties necessary for PIM simulations. In current work, lead zirconate titanate (PZT) powder-polymer binder feedstock was compounded for 45 vol. % and 52 vol. % solids loading. PIM experiments on designed micro-pillar array geometry were performed using 52 vol. % PZT. Using PIM experiments results as basis, PIM simulations were performed on designed micro-pillar array geometries to understand the effectiveness of PIM simulations with the use of estimated feedstock properties in predicting molding behavior that have micro-features. Additionally, PIM simulations were performed to understand the defects after debinding and sintering. As the approach is to develop feedstock without measurement of feedstock properties, it is expected that the results from current work will help in reducing the number of experiments needed to obtain a defect free PIM products.