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Master's Thesis

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History, MA

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Krebs, Daniel

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Mackey, Thomas

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Mackey, Thomas

Committee Member

Bunck, Julie

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Philippine-American war; U.S. army; hard war; American military history; Philippines; James Franklin Bell


This thesis surveys the military history of the Philippine-American War of 1899-1902. In particular, this thesis looks at that war through the lens of hard war as a way of war. It begins with an introduction to hard war as a concept and a historiography of the Philippine-American War and continues with an overview of the events leading up to the war. The first two chapters deal with the wider role of the U.S. Army during the war, while the third chapter examines the role of James Franklin Bell, and American officer, and his command of the Third Separate Brigade in Batangas Province. This thesis is an attempt to place the Philippine-American War into the discussion of hard war in American military history.