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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ed. D.


Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development

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Educational Leadership and Organizational Development, EDD

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Ingle, W. Kyle

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Buecker, Harrie

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Buecker, Harrie

Committee Member

Choi, Namok

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Haselton, Blake

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Lingo, Amy

Author's Keywords

teacher characteristics; teacher selection; teacher effectiveness; importance of teacher; suburban schools


Teachers are important to student achievement. The selection of teachers in most schools in the United States is the responsibility of the principal. This study examined preferences of school leaders for teacher applicant characteristics. An exploratory factor analysis of the results (N = 209) of the Preferred Teacher Applicant Characteristics Survey (PTACS) determined four underlying dimension of the PTACS instrument: personal characteristics, professional characteristics, ancillary characteristics, and demographic characteristics. These became the dependent variable in a series of linear multiple regression analyses to examine the relationship between a school’s characteristics – poverty, school performance category, average teacher experience, and the school leader’s age, gender, current role and years in current role – and a school leader’ preferences for teacher applicant characteristics. Study results indicated a significant positive change in a school leader’s preference for personal teacher applicant characteristics for female school leaders as compared to male school leaders.

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