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Master's Thesis

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Music History

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Music with a concentration in Music History and Literature, MM

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Shinnick, Julia W.

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Christensen, Jean

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Christensen, Jean

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de Zeeuw, Anne Marie

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Montpellier Codex


The bilingual motets of the old corpus of the Montpellier Codex (Montpellier, Faculté de Médecine, H 196) are collected in the third fascicle of this thirteenth-century codex. These eleven motets provide a sample group for the study of interrelationships among the contents of a manuscript. Elements of the music, text, and tenor sources work together to unify each individual motet as well as the eleven motets in the fascicle.

While the motets of Mo have been studied in detail, this small collection has been neglected, perhaps because of its simultaneous presentation of sacred and erotic love. It is this trait, however, that makes this fascicle a striking example of the medieval penchant for interrelationships in seemingly unrelated material. Singing simultaneous praises to the Virgin in Latin and to Marion in French seems unusual today, but in the medieval period this juxtaposition of sacred and erotic love was acceptable.

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