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Master's Thesis

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Theatre Arts

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Vandenbroucke, Russell


Acting; Coward, Noel, 1899-1973. Blithe spirit; Coward, Noel, 1899-1973--Characters--Charles Condomine


This thesis explores my work on the role of Charles Condomine in a production of Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit directed by James Tompkins. It is broken down into three main chapters covering the rehearsal process, character development, and performance. The rehearsal chapter compares the process of working with Tompkins on Blithe Spirit to the process of working with Dennis Krausnick on The Winter's Tale. I explore differences in directing style and discuss the advantages of each. In the character development chapter, I probe the personal choices I made in and out of rehearsals to bring Charles Condomine to life. The thesis culminates in a chapter that discusses and analyses Blithe Spirit performances, as well as some personal insights into why I prefer acting for the stage.