Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


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Master's Thesis

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Theatre Arts

Degree Program

Theatre Arts, MFA

Committee Chair

Carter, Rachel

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Vandenbroucke, Russell

Committee Member

Smith, Siobhan

Author's Keywords

imagination; curiosity; vulnerability; acting technique; theatre; Uta Hagen


As an actor, my goal is to achieve full transformation to perform any character. During my final year of graduate school, I auditioned and received the roles of Liz Morden and Lieutenant Faddy in Our Country’s Good. I had been exposed to several acting methods in graduate school; however, I questioned if I had a solid technique to rely on. My thesis role was an opportunity to become self-aware of my process. Through imagination, I explored the historical circumstances, the text, and physical and voice work. I became conscious as never before how my creation of a character demands trusting my imagination and myself. Whereas before I only used imagination intuitively, I now recognize that igniting and nourishing this part is essential to me as an actor. I discovered that I had shaped my own acting approach and embraced my strengths, which left me feeling empowered as a theatre artist.