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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ed. D.


Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development

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Educational Leadership and Organizational Development, EDD

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Ingle, W. Kyle

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Foster, Michèle

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Foster, Michèle

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Brydon-Miller, Mary

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Berry, Matthew

Author's Keywords

educational leadership; school/community partnerships; cross-sector collaboration


Observing the efficacy of school-community partnerships has historically been a challenge for researchers. This study seeks to investigate a city-wide partnership between the community and local educational agency through the lens of the cross-sector collaboration theoretical framework. The three components of the theoretical framework which will guide this study are observing the antecedent conditions present in collaboration, the processual dimensions of collaborations and lastly making sense of the perceived public value created by collaboration. By utilizing a multi-case embedded case study design, this research seeks to analyze the bounded case of the CARDS partnership to determine the reasons for choosing a multi-organizational partnership model, to explain the perceived benefits and/or challenges of a multi-organizational partnership model and examining the ways that external stakeholders make sense of the public value of a multi-organizational partnership. Findings from my study indicate a clearly defined explanation for this initiative to operate within a multi-organizational partnership model. Data also reveal the benefits and challenges for organizations working within a multi-organizational partnership. Finally, organizations that are a part of the CARDS partnership communicate how they make sense of their participation in the CARDS partnership. Finally, my study will conclude with implications for policy, practice and future research.

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