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Master's Thesis

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Theatre Arts

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Theatre Arts, MFA

Committee Chair

Jones, Johnny

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Kelly, Baron

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Kelly, Baron

Committee Member

Carew, Joy

Author's Keywords

Ida B. Wells; dramaturgy; acting; historical characters; Alexander technique; devising from a script


This thesis presents my experience with the production of Miss Ida B. Wells by Endesha Ida Mae Holland. I used self-executed dramaturgy to enrich my process as an actor and create multiple vocally and physically dynamic historical characters. Throughout this document, I explore how my personal acting process and development as an artist are heavily influenced by the practices of the Alexander Technique. I discuss the unique challenges that I faced with scoliosis and vocal trauma and how I used the training I received during my graduate career to address those challenges. My personal account details the specific methods by which I approached the script, the research, the character development, and the rehearsal process of devising from a script.