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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

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Studio Art and Design, MFA

Committee Chair

Grubola, James

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Carothers, Mary

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Carothers, Mary

Committee Member

Northerner, Sara

Committee Member

Chan, Ying Kit

Author's Keywords

visual art; drawing; gogol; literature; failure; barthes


Title is a series of drawings that explores the aspects of failed projects and the complications of representation within literary and visual practices. This series is informed by preliminary drawings, marginalia, and written notations that are inherent in the formulation processes of both visual and literary compositions. Through an investigation of the 19th Century Russian author Nikolai Gogol’s unfinished novel Dead Souls, I situate this series of drawings as a means to conflate literary theories with visual representation. In this way, the Title series presents fragmentary images, texts, and digressive narratives that demonstrate intermediaries between propositional states and reconciled concepts. With this intention, the Title series of drawings reveals a metaprocess that examines the strategies and procedures in creating a series of drawings. Ultimately finding interchanges between the methods of representation and what is represented, this series underscores the ruptures in the production of meaning.