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Master's Thesis

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Health and Sport Sciences

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Exercise Physiology, MS

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Terson de Paleville, Daniela

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Carter, Kathleen

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Carter, Kathleen

Committee Member

Lorenz, Douglas

Author's Keywords

balance; motor skills; BOT2; neurocom; minds in motion; physical activity; school aged children; middle school


Competing time demands in the curriculum have left physical education as a low priority among schools. Consequently, school aged children are not meeting the recommended 150 mins/wk of physical activity. We studied the effects of Minds in Motion-MAZE on middle school aged (n=74) children’s balance and motor skills. Minds in Motion-MAZE is a low cost physical activity program designed to improve balance and motor control. Participants participated in Minds in Motion-MAZE for 15 minutes during the 7th period. A multivariate test did not show a statistical significance of participating in Minds in Motion-MAZE and improved balance and motor skills. Further analysis is required to assess the effect of Minds in Motion-MAZE as a viable alternative to a lack of physical education in the curriculum.