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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electrical Engineering, PhD

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Alphenaar, Bruce

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Mohite, Aditya

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Mohite, Aditya

Committee Member

Walsh, Kevin

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Committee Member

Sumanasekera, Gamini

Author's Keywords

hybrid perovskite; uni-polar; memrisor; ambi-polar; n-type; field effect transistor; gas sensor


Hybrid perovskites are a group of materials that has shown a great impact in the field of scientific research in the past decade due to the efficiency gain within a short period of time. Hot casting is one technique that has been producing high efficient and stable solar cells. Electrical transportation of lateral device structure by such film is explored to understand basic properties and predict possible device applications using it. Under dark, memristive ability of the film was explored using various experiments. Unique uni-polar memristor ability was observed. Using the experimental results, a model is hypothesized using the concepts of inbuilt potential, ion motion and carrier generation in the film. For three terminal devices unique n-type behavior in the presence of light condition and ambi-polar behavior under dark condition was observed. Reversible inert gas sensing ability of the film is explored using the surface conductivity with extra light. Getting better performances in the device applications as well as to understand overall behavior of the film it-self were discussed in the following thesis.