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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.



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Applied and Industrial Mathematics, PhD

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Smith-Tone, Daniel

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Brown, David

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Brown, David

Committee Member

Kulosman, Hamid

Committee Member

Li, Jinjia

Committee Member

Seif, Steven

Author's Keywords

multivariate cryptography; HFE; encryption; HFERP; cryptanalysis


Ever since Shor's algorithm was introduced in 1994, cryptographers have been working to develop cryptosystems that can resist known quantum computer attacks. This push for quantum attack resistant schemes is known as post quantum cryptography. Specifically, my contributions to post quantum cryptography has been to the family of schemes known as Multivariate Public Key Cryptography (MPKC), which is a very attractive candidate for digital signature standardization in the post quantum collective for a wide variety of applications. In this document I will be providing all necessary background to fully understand MPKC and post quantum cryptography as a whole. Then, I will walk through the contributions I provided in my publications relating to differential security proofs for HFEv and HFEv−, key recovery attack for all parameters of HFEm, and my newly proposed multivariate encryption scheme, HFERP.