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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.


Fine Arts

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Art History, PhD

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Miller, Rod

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Fulton, Christopher

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Maloney, Stephanie

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Owen, Tom

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Buckner, Glen

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architecture; Louisville; traditional; modernism; Pendennis Club


Frederic Lindley Morgan, a major architect in Louisville,Kentucky, was born in Loda,Illinois in 1889. Morgan, in partnerships with other architects throughout his career, designed a variety of projects including homes, schools, churches, commercial buildings and even an airport. Morgan worked up until he died, in 1970, in Louisville. What makes Mr.Morgan's work distinctive is not the timelessness of his designs, nor the fact he was dubbed "Louisville's society architect," nor his lengthy 50 plus year career. Morgan had the ability to take his training, in combination with his talent and savvy business sense, and work successfully in a variety of styles—from Classic Revival to Modern. He associated himself with many aspects of the architectural process such as the floor plans, renderings, specifications, interior and exterior finishes, and even furnishings upon occasion. His expertise in Historic Renovation and Preservation involved him in projects such as Old Fort Harrod reconstruction in Harrodsburg,Kentucky, and the renovation of the Locust Grove plantation. In addition to documenting Morgan's early life and education, major projects such as schools, churches, libraries and clubs, plus a catalogue of his works, other issues will be examined. The impetus behind some of his designs, how they fit into the larger scheme of American architecture in the 1900s, and what gives them timeless appeal are also analyzed.