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Master's Thesis

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Music Composition

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Music - Performance with a concentration in Jazz Performance, MM

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Evens, Gabriel

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Fitzgerald, Christopher

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Fitzgerald, Christopher

Committee Member

Byrne, Gregory

Author's Keywords

Brazilian rhythm; performance; Hermeto Pascoal; Luiz Gonzaga; Dominguinhos; samba-jazz; jazz


The objective of this research is to gather and analyze stylizations of Brazilian folk rhythms baião, frevo and maracatu in contemporary Brazilian jazz. For this end, I examined transcriptions from well-known contemporary drummers Airto Moreira, Nenê and Márcio Bahia. Firstly, I reviewed the path of the drum set in Brazil by examining the important contributions made by drummers Luciano Perrone and Edison Machado. After that, I presented musical characteristics of baião, maracatu and frevo in their original environment, followed by analysis of each rhythm’s stylizations to the drum set made by drummers Airto Moreira, Nenê and Márcio Bahia. I concluded that, to successfully transpose these Northeast Brazilian rhythms from percussion ensembles to the drum set, it is important to identify key patterns from the original source to be featured on the stylization, as well as to consider technical solutions that are already part of the drum set vocabulary.