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Master's Thesis

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Theatre Arts

Degree Program

Theatre Arts, MFA

Committee Chair

Calvano, J. Ariadne

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Kelly, Baron

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Kelly, Baron

Committee Member

Chandler, Karen

Author's Keywords

music and movement; character development; the actor's process; theatre arts; theatre pedagogy


This thesis is a conversational document that will examine the manifestation of the auditory(hearing) and motor(physical motion) cortex of the cerebrum and how this connection influences character physicality in theatre. In this thesis, The Mountaintop, written by Katori Hall, is used as a gateway to conduct research on music and rhythm as it affects the body and creating physical character choices. By reflecting on personal musical exploration,that of my peers, and students, its concluded that this method can be used for all stages of character building and performance experiences. The various backgrounds of the subjects — students and peers — confirmed the findings with traditional and nontraditional creative minds, with each participant physically responding to various rhythms and music.This exploration was performed on a spectrum from a general lens to a focused nuanced perspective for specific characters by seasoned performers.