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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

Degree Program

Studio Art and Design, MFA

Committee Chair

Grubola, James

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Carothers, Mary

Committee Member

Kopelson, Karen

Author's Keywords

abortion; art; drawing; printmaking; ultrasound; Ohio River; monotype


Waiting Room is an installation of drawings and monotypes that re-envision everyday printed materials common in medical offices. The brochures, poster, bulletin board and children’s ABC book in this Waiting Room offer guidance suggest invasive and dysfunctional policy. A door opens onto a further room, where a hundred ultrasound images cascade onto the floor. This work, called Transducer Phosphene is the product of a fictional character’s encounter with a cruel (and not fictive) abortion policy. Waiting Room is the fruit of an inquiry that spanned my three years of study at the Hite Art Institute, a probing into the politics of ubiquitous measurements. With paper and ink, I asked: When does measurement become surveillance? When does it construct rather than reflect human interiority? And how, in a world intent on measuring, do I hold on to other ways of knowing?