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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

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Art (Creative) and Art History with a concentration in Critical and Curatorial Studies, MA

Committee Chair

Reitz, Chris

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Whites, LeeAnn

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Whites, LeeAnn

Committee Member

Fulton, Christopher

Author's Keywords

place; Bourdieu; regionalism; globalization; local; art center


Place as influencing the production of local art idioms is examined. Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of habitus and Michael Baxandall’s concept of visual capacity explain the social, economic, and physical structures that comprise place and affect how people perceive and evaluate the world around them. Art education, professional development opportunities, and local arts spending are discussed as the main structures of place that shape local art idioms and art making processes. South Dakota artists Harvey Dunn, Terry Redlin, and Dorothy Morgan are used as a case study. The writer argues that due to globalization the long-standing structure of art center and periphery is shifting to one comprised of more dispersed networks and locations of recognized art production. The FRONT Triennial in Cleveland, Ohio, Open Spaces in Kansas City, Missouri, and Prospect New Orleans, in New Orleans, Louisiana are discussed as examples of second-tier cities that are combining their local art culture with international art discourse.