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Master's Thesis

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Health and Sport Sciences

Degree Program

Exercise Physiology, MS

Committee Chair

King, Kristi M.

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Jaggers, Jason R.

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Jaggers, Jason R.

Committee Member

Della, Lindsay

Author's Keywords

Diabetes mellitus; type 1 diabetes; hemoglobin A1c; glucose; sport; team sport


This study’s purpose was to determine a possible difference in hemoglobin A1c levels and sport participation in children with type 1 diabetes. Patients with provided consent via an iPad electronic informed consent/assent (preamble) completed a physical activity and sport participation survey. The survey was linked to their medical chart including demographic and diabetes medical history (e.g. HbA1c). The analyses provided a sample of 120 participants, 40 in the no sport participation group and 78 in the sport participation group with 56 females and 64 males, with an average age12.94±2.8 years. An independent sample t-test, removing one outlier from the sport participation group, showed no statistically significant difference in HbA1c levels for children who participated in sports (M = 8.61, SD = 1.61) versus those who did not participate in sports (M = 9.03, SD = 2.24); t(115) = 1.36, p= .178. Although the data showed no statistical significance, important clinical implications were discovered.