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Master's Thesis

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electrical Engineering, MS

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McIntyre, Michael

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Jewell, Nicholas

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Jewell, Nicholas

Committee Member

Richards, Christopher

Author's Keywords

Power factor correction; lypunov; labview; converters; NI module; controller


Nowadays, there has been an increasing demand of unity power factor in electrical power sector. Due to the nonlinear nature of load equipment, switching devices, source voltage and current are out of phase with each other. Many power converters topologies are used for the power factor correction. The boost converter with controller is most common for power factor correction circuits. The controller objective is to maintain the output voltage regulation and input current tracking with source voltage. The voltage ripple present due to the ac component of the current tracking objective, hence instead of ignoring that ripple, it is used in controller designing. The mathematical modeling of system depends on ac and dc dynamics of the circuit. The Lypunov stability analysis used for designing the controller of boost converter. In this work, experimental set-up for boost power factor correction converter was made with power pole board and NI compact RIO. The controller algorithm executed in LabVIEW FPGA module and results were verified. This novel controller ensures the convergence of the error signal by stability analysis.