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Master's Thesis

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Theatre Arts

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Theatre Arts, MFA

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Kelly, Baron

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Calvano, Ariadne

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Calvano, Ariadne

Committee Member

Carew, Joy

Author's Keywords

August Wilson; Louisville; black; identity; king; scar


This monograph is divided into five chapters covering my exploration of black male identity in America and the scars that come with it. Through a character study of the black male protagonist I portrayed in August Wilson’s King Hedley II, I will discuss the racial stigmas and circumstances that are tied to black male identity. Chapter one will consist of analyzing the prison system in America and how its unfair system targets black men. Chapter two will discuss the plight of poverty that largely affects black communities. Chapters three and four will discuss King Hedley’s dual identities created by his adopted father, King Hedley I and his biological father, Leroy Slater. Finally, chapter five discusses how I, as the actor, physically developed King Hedley II.