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Master's Thesis

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Theatre Arts

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Theatre Arts, MFA

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Williams, Sidney M.

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Segal, Janna

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Segal, Janna

Committee Member

Goldman, Derek

Author's Keywords

Hotel de Vagabundos; Manuel Zapata Olivella; African Colombian Theatre; Afrolatin Theatre; He Visto la Noche; African Colombian Playwright


This analysis examines how Hotel de Vagabundos, a play written by a black playwright from Colombia, fits into the core of definitions of Black Theatre in the United States. I will examine six documents I consider relevant to shape the idea of Black Theatre in the US from 1900 through 2005. The author's experience in New York during the 1940s inspires Hotel de Vagabundos. The author navigates the globalized ethos idea unleashing clashes about identity to criticize aspects of American culture about immigrants, poor people, and internalized racism within African American and Black diasporic communities. The play “like a country´s metaphor” shows tensions between cultures in hotel rooms continuously. My objective is to draw connections between Hotel de Vagabundos and notable African American plays to redefine Black Theatre to include playwrights like Manuel Zapata Olivella.