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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.


Criminal Justice

Degree Program

Criminal Justice, PhD

Committee Chair

Higgins, George

Committee Co-Chair (if applicable)

Vito, Gennaro

Committee Member

Vito, Gennaro

Committee Member

Andreescu, Viviana

Committee Member

Marcum, Cathy

Author's Keywords

military; veterans; general strain theory; depression; binge-drinking


This dissertation is theoretically informed by General Strain Theory (GST) (Agnew 1992, 2002), and examines binge drinking within a military veteran population. It begins with an assessment on reform and focuses on shaping knowledge around the issue of binge drinking by military veterans. The current study uses Agnew’s GST to argue for an understanding of how strain and stress can affect individuals who have served in the military and acknowledges how this strain can lead to negative coping mechanisms such as binge drinking. The latter part of the dissertation argues that understanding Agnew’s GST (1992, 2002) with a military population can help implement better knowledge and treatment for our United States military veteran population. The dissertation is divided into five parts, covering binge drinking issues, how that problem of binge drinking pertains to military veterans, theory, practice, and implementation for change. Chapters one and two provide insight on the problem of binge drinking as well as the scope of the problem for military veterans. Chapter three focuses on bringing together theory and how it can shed light on the problem with binge drinking in military veterans. Chapters four, five and six discuss the methodology of the data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the analysis and the discussion on how this problem can be addressed.