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Master's Thesis

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Urban and Public Affairs

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Evans, Lindsay

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Kelly, Janet

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Kelly, Janet

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Rollins, Aaron

Author's Keywords

nondiscrimination; fairness; public; administration; civil; rights


This research examined the numerous fairness ordinances in Kentucky’s cities for repeated trends, patterns, and practices in their language. Through the use of a cumulative case study, cases were selected from the ordinances as well as state and federal law, judicial actions, and other relevant factors from within the state. Each of the ordinances were examined for generalizability and their ability to be applied to a single, unified state nondiscrimination law that conforms with existing state and federal law. It was found that significant similarities exist between the various ordinances, though discrepancies would also need to be addressed. In the formulation of a statewide law, the administrative measures taken by the municipalities provide the best direction to state administrators. This research will prove useful and instructive for state officials in Kentucky hoping to model a nondiscrimination law off of the state’s cities’ efforts from the past two decades.