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Master's Thesis

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Anthropology, MA

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Haws, Jonathan

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Ribeiro, Anna Browne

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Ribeiro, Anna Browne

Committee Member

King, Jason

Author's Keywords

Late woodland; household archaeology; ceramics


The purpose of this project is to investigate the less understood narrative of the Late Woodland peoples at the German site within the Lower Illinois River Valley. In order to determine the extent of Mississippian cultural interaction with the Jersey Bluff Phase, Late Woodland, peoples, I will examine the houses and artifacts found during the 2019 field season by the Centre for American Archeology. Data from the geophysical surveys, notes from the site excavations, and ceramic analysis will be used to place the German site within the theoretical framework and archaeological context of the region. In the end, the objective of this thesis project is to determine the scope of cultural interaction by analyzing the house structure and ceramics uncovered by the Summer 2019 CAA field programs. The proposed research will add to developing narratives of cultural interaction and the resistance and/or maintenance of cultural practices at the household level.