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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

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Studio Art and Design, MFA

Committee Chair

Singel, Rachel

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Gibson, John

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Gibson, John

Committee Member

Hufbauer, Benjamin

Author's Keywords

Labor: domesticity; aesthetics; fiber arts; printmaking; feminism


If the home can be a metaphor for our own interiors, then the things that collect there can be similarly thought of, performing as punctuated moments within that interior, giving it shape, creating contours. Within the domestic setting, macro social forces such as global capitalism as well as the more immediate experience of meeting our children’s demands can push and pull us, equally informing the experience of being in the home. Love Labor: Literal Symbols and True Abstractions is comprised of images sourced from common ephemera of the home meant to represent the everyday: notes, discarded letters, open envelopes, unfinished knitting, garments, drawings, math homework. The works in this show seek to reimage this detritus by (re)organizing it into constructed passages that bear witness to the commonalities to be found in homemaking and artmaking, aesthetics and the commonplace, economics and whining. They are abstract representations of that which is contained within us, as they are in our homes, seeking to explore the aesthetics of and the profundities contained within the mundane.