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Master's Thesis

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Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies

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Interdisciplinary Studies (Individualized Degree), MS

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Sluss, Tamara

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Holm, Rochelle

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Holm, Rochelle

Committee Member

Biddle, Donald

Author's Keywords

sewer overflows; Beargrass Creek; SARS-CoV-2; PMMoV


Pathogens may enter surface waters as they are shed in human feces and potentially delivered to surface waters via sewer overflows, particularly in the eastern United States. This study examined of the presence of fecal indicators in two forks of Beargrass Creek in Louisville, Kentucky. Surface water grab samples (N=30), sediment samples, water quality, and a paired wastewater surveillance study were analyzed. SARS-CoV-2 was detected in a single stream sample despite ubiquitous presence of the virus within the area in wastewater and consistent evidence of a human fecal indicator. These findings demonstrate the need for more green and gray infrastructure in the watershed to mitigate stormwater-induced overflows and reduce pathogen load to streams.