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Master's Thesis

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M.M. Ed.


Music Education

Degree Program

Music Education, MME

Committee Chair

Amchin, Robert

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Hatteberg, Kent

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Hatteberg, Kent

Committee Member

Burke, Devin

Author's Keywords

Culturally responsive teaching; world music pedagogy; choral music education; multicultural choral music; choral repertoire


In the United States, there is a push toward culturally responsive music education in response to a rapidly changing student demographic. However, teaching music from unfamiliar traditions presents a unique set of challenges for the music educator. The 2020 Tennessee SATB All-State repertoire provides one example of music selected with the goal of teaching a wide array of cultural traditions. This thesis analyzes these seven pieces from a musical and pedagogical perspective to demonstrate this collection’s utility for culturally responsive music education. Evaluation of the pieces demonstrated that while most of these works come from distinct cultural traditions, few present major learning challenges from a textual or tonal perspective. Multicultural works have accommodations to simplify the learning process, such as consistent use of piano accompaniment, limited text volume, and Western notational format. Conclusions from this research can inform high school teachers seeking to incorporate music from unfamiliar cultures in their classrooms.