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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

Degree Program

Art (Creative) and Art History with a concentration in Critical and Curatorial Studies, MA

Committee Chair

Reitz, Chris

Committee Co-Chair (if applicable)

Holaday, Jill

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Holaday, Jill

Committee Member

Hall, Ann

Author's Keywords

Art history; art theory; calendars; Kitsch; relational aesthetics; participation


Calendars have been widely ignored as cultural objects in a contemporary context. Because of this lack of consideration, analyzing a calendar as a work of art is theoretically interesting. This thesis uses the theory of Kitsch, philosophies concerning art in the home, and the theory of relational aesthetics to express the impact that calendars can have when considered works of art. This thesis also discovers the forgotten provenance of block print calendars from the University of Louisville’s extensive print collection. This thesis attempts to coerce the viewer to consider the calendars in their homes as works of art.