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Master's Thesis

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Sociology, MA

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Christopher, Karen

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Carini, Robert

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Carini, Robert

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Marshal, Gul

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National guard; framing; BLM; COVID-19; capitol riot


A quantitative content analysis of 585 newspaper articles gathered from seven news sources that covered the National Guard’s response to COVID-19, BLM Protests, and the Capitol Riot were used to determine the prevalence of frames used to depict the Guard during times of crisis. By using the five frames found in media framing (Entman, 1991), the prevalence of frames found in newspaper media was compared to the prevalence of frames found to be used in times of crisis (Semetko & Valkenburg, 2000). The results showed that even though the Guard’s response in times of crisis is similarly framed as previous research, there was a divergence in the order of prevalent frames between crises as well as news sources. Further analysis showed that even though the prevalence of frames used varies by news source, chi-square analysis showed that the differences were not statistically significant except for in the Guard News