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Master's Thesis

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Sociology, MA

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Taniguchi, Hiromi

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Negrey, Cynthia

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Christopher, Karen

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Herd, Ann

Author's Keywords

work-family; balance; higher education; gender


Striking a balance between paid work and family work is hard for many individuals. Previous research has focused on the availability and effectiveness of family friendly policies and demonstrated a need for continued research. I examine work-family balance among women working in higher education. My study asks what are the determinants for work-family balance? I draw on institutional data from the fall 2017 Campus Climate and Diversity Survey which in part focuses on work-family balance. My regression analysis shows that faculty have a lower perception of work-family balance than non-faculty. For both non-faculty and faculty, support from supervisor/chairperson and to a lesser extent from co-workers, has a positive effect on work-family balance. For both groups, having dependents has a negative effect on work-family balance, but this effect is much stronger for faculty. I discuss the lower perception of work-family balance among faculty in the tension between schedule control and unbounded work hours.