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Master's Thesis

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Anthropology, MA

Committee Chair

Smallwood, Ashley M.

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Haws, Jonathan

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Haws, Jonathan

Committee Member

Luginbill, Robert C.

Author's Keywords

Mycenaean; archaeology; aegean; economics; networks; anthropology; consumption


This thesis is a theoretical examination of the economic rationality of consumption as it existed within the Mycenaean political economy. Using a modified paradigm of social network analysis, a semiotic approach is used in the study of identity expression and economic stratification present at three Late Helladic cemeteries. In doing so, the claim that exchange strategies which existed outside of palatial redistribution were present in the Late Helladic was substantiated as a similar logic of mortuary stratification which existed during the palatial era was also found to have existed after the shift to the post-palatial era and the collapse of the prevailing redistributive mode of consumption.