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Master's Thesis

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Music Composition

Degree Program

Music with a concentration in Electronic Music Composition, MM

Committee Chair

Wolek, Krzysztof

Committee Co-Chair (if applicable)

Ritz, John

Committee Member

Ritz, John

Committee Member

Carithers, Kirsten

Author's Keywords

audio programming; video programming; clickbait


Clickbait is a surround-sound, audio, video, and audience participation work for live electronics that connects its listeners to the music through the use of a variety of interconnected technologies. The topic of internet clickbait was the initial inspiration that grew into a personal and cultural question. Technological mechanics of live web-based services and data-mining informed those themes further. The interactive nature of internet clickbait drove efforts to establish a deeper connection between the audience and the music. To develop connections between people, applications, and the piece, Node.js, Google Cloud Services, VoiceRSS, and Max/MSP/Jitter video tools were used. This underpins a composition of unique, computer-based music created with modular synthesis, Spitfire Audio’s software instruments, and Max’s MIDI capabilities showcasing explorations of effects processing using Max’s audio tools, Circuit Music Labs’ Petra, and IRCAM’s SuperVP and Spat5. The implementations of these technologies were in service of a central, conceptual theme allowing Clickbait to transcend beyond the normal limits of an ordinary audio work.