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Master's Thesis

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Mechanical Engineering

Degree Program

Mechanical Engineering, MS

Committee Chair

Wang, Hui

Committee Co-Chair (if applicable)

Berfield, Thomas

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Berfield, Thomas

Committee Member

Sathitsuksanoh, Noppadon

Author's Keywords

Carbon; nanosheets; solid-electrolyte; stability; humidity; perovskite


The increasing need of electrical power around the world creates the search for sustainable energy to become a major stride in the manufacturing industry. The pursuit of energy storage systems being better, longer lasting, lighter, and cost effective have been a priority for companies, but one of the most crucial attributes in a battery should be its safety without the reduction in performance. For energy conversion and storage devices, such as solar cells and batteries, many important components are sensitive to air or moisture, therefore, the stability studies are important. This thesis focuses on two representative materials: hydrogenated carbon nanosheets (electrically conductive) and composite solid electrolytes (ionically conductive). The chemical structure, electrical conductivity, and water vapor transmission rate of hydrogenated carbon nanosheets have been studied to find the correlations between these properties with hydrogen content. For composite solid electrolytes, it has been studied the effect of compositions and synthetic parameters (humidity and temperatures) on their crystal structures and ionic conductivities. Study and recommendations towards solutions to improve stability are conducted and discussed.