Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


Document Type

Doctoral Dissertation

Degree Name

Ph. D.


Industrial Engineering

Committee Chair

Heragu, Sunderesh S.

Author's Keywords

Production systems; ARK; Automated replenishment system


Materials management; Business logistics; Inventory control


Production systems must have the right type of material in the right quantities when required for production. They must minimize the work in progress while ensuring no stock-outstock-out occurs. While these twin opposing goals are achievable when demand is stable, they are difficult to realize under an erratic demand pattern. This dissertation aims to develop a production system that can meet erratic demands with minimal costs or errors. After a detailed introduction to the problem considered, we review the relevant literature. We then conduct a numerical analysis of current production systems, identify their deficiencies, and then present our solution to address these deficiencies via the ARK (Automated Replenishment System) technique. This technique is applied to a real-world problem at Methode Engineering ©. We conclude by detailing the scientific benefit of our technique and proposing ideas for future research.