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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electrical Engineering, PhD

Committee Chair

McIntyre, Michael

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Inanc, Tamer

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Inanc, Tamer

Committee Member

McGinley, William

Committee Member

Naber, John

Author's Keywords

nonlinear observers; burning zone temperature; torque estimation; cement kiln


Due to consistent expansion in the infrastructure and housing sectors worldwide have given a new way for the rapid growth of global cement market. Increased global demand for the cement production makes the attractive research topic which can lead to the quality and overall efficiency of the product. Measurement of the temperature in the burning zone is vital to maintain product quality and kiln efficiency in the cement industry. Often the BZT is un-measurable due to internal kiln conditions, dusty environment, extreme heat, harshness for example and this leads to kiln not being driven as efficient as possible. Multi-physics tools are core to modern engineering, and smart manufacturing, but have not been extensively utilized in this low-cost industry, hence proposed approach is to find a reduced ordered model (ROM) of the thermodynamics of the kiln using data centric approach along with Multiphysics tool.