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Master's Thesis

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Anthropology, MA

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Markowitz, Lisa

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Gast, Melanie

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Gast, Melanie

Committee Member

Snyder, Cara

Author's Keywords

Latinx; nonprofit; activism; politics; accompaniment; immigration


La Casita Center is a Louisville based nonprofit organization that accompanies Latinx immigrants in the Louisville Metro area. and that is led and staffed by Latina immigrants. In this thesis, I investigate how employees of this Latinx-immigrant led nonprofit organization, navigate challenges to both administer service and build community using the model of accompaniment. Organizations like La Casita are critically important for Latinx newcomer communities in the United States and as neoliberal and nativist-inspired policiescontinue to oppress and marginalize, La Casita provides a model for what it means to center inclusion, belonging, community, and solidarity. In a global landscape of market-orientation, how can an alternative based on accompaniment depart from mainstream expectations of social service provision?