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Master's Thesis

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Theatre Arts

Degree Program

Theatre Arts, MFA

Committee Chair

Calvano, J. Ariadne

Committee Co-Chair (if applicable)

Carter, Rachel

Committee Member

Carter, Rachel

Committee Member

Adams, V. Joshua

Author's Keywords

theatre; queer; trans non-binary; solo performance; storytelling; gender


This thesis is a mix of personal reflection, academic research, and an examination of The Girl Crazy Queer and Other Fairy Tales, a play I wrote and performed in October of 2023, co-produced by The University of Louisville’s Department of Theatre Arts and Pandora Productions, a Louisville-based theatre company dedicated to Queer theatre. This thesis and the play mirror each other; both contemplate Queer experiences, Queer histories, Queer trauma, and Queer stories. In the thesis I accomplish this through examining four subjects: myself, my play, the connection between modes of storytelling and aspects of transgender Queerness, and the perils that the Queer community faces. Through a deep excavation of those four subjects, I argue that not only does our media culture need more representation of nonbinary Queer people to mitigate those negative effects of the perils that face the queer community, but that representation needs to be written by transgender and nonbinary artists.