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Master's Thesis

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M.M. Ed.


Music Education

Degree Program

Music Education, MME

Committee Chair

Alsop, Michael

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Tolson, Gerald

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Tolson, Gerald

Committee Member

Burke, Devin

Author's Keywords

curriculum; budget; choir; band; orchestra; management


This study investigated perceptions of knowledge and preparation regarding administrative responsibilities among in-service and preservice music teachers. Samples were selected randomly through NAfME and NASM databases. Data collection and analysis answered research questions asking how knowledgeable these groups felt about administrative topics, how they felt their undergraduate coursework prepared them for administrative responsibilities, and if there were any significant differences in preparedness among different subject areas taught by in-service directors. The findings report in-service teachers felt more knowledgeable of all administrative topics. Among in-service and preservice teachers, one significant difference was found; regarding preparedness pertaining to laws of communication via social media. Among subject areas, band directors reported significantly higher preparedness regarding creation of instrument inventories than choir and orchestra directors. Overall low ratings of preparedness in administrative areas and concerns reported in qualitative data suggest needed adjustments in curricula to better serve the practical needs of future music teachers.