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Master's Thesis

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Communication, MA

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Della, Lindsay

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Smith-Jones, Siobhan

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Smith-Jones, Siobhan

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King, Kristi

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campus food pantry, food insecurity in college


Objective: This study examined differences between users and non-users of campus food pantry, conducted communication audit, and made recommendations for future food pantry communication. Methods: Cross-sectional twofold study, first analyzing existing intrapersonal, interpersonal, and environmental data to test predictors of campus food pantry usage characteristics, using inferential statistics. Secondly, conducting a communication audit that evaluates the reach of student communication. Results: Significant differences were found between users and non-users of food pantry that support hypotheses in relation to gender, age, race, class, marital status, housing type, housing description, and Pell eligibility. Findings could not support hypothesized differences in first-generation status. Research question data showed there is room for tailored out-going communication v improvement and growing awareness of the campus food pantry among students. Conclusions: With respect to the predictors of food insecurity, the campus food pantry appears to be serving those in need.

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