Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


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Master's Thesis

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Music Composition

Degree Program

Music with a concentration in Music Composition, MM

Committee Chair

Ogden, Allsion

Committee Member

Wolek, Krzysztof

Committee Member

Carithers, Kirsten

Author's Keywords

Opera; Ttansgender; musical work


The Perpetual Hell of Your Own Undoing is a musical dramatic work for a chamber ensemble and two voices. In it, two souls trapped in the afterlife must struggle to regain their memories through dreams in order to figure out where they are and why they’ve been brought there. Over time, as their memories are regained, they learn that they were in fact lovers. However, by the end the realization that one of the pair killed the other threatens to tear the two apart. This musical dramatic work deals with themes of death, memory, and forgiveness. It utilizes both classical and Avant Garde musical ideas to convey the drama. As the characters’ moods change and the context is revealed, the music itself changes as well to match.