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Master's Thesis

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Biology, MS

Committee Chair

Monroe, Burt

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Holdren, G.C.

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Bosserman, Robert

Author's Keywords

Isopods; isopod reproduction; Beargrass Creek; Louisville; Kentucky


The life history and annual production of the aquatic isopods L. fontinalis, C. intermedia and C. brevicaudus in a spring stream, Beargrass Creek, Louisville, Kentucky was studied. Reproductive activity was observed with the greatest intensity in the spring months from March to May. Smaller secondary peaks for recruitment of young were seen in the fall months for L. fontinalis and C. intermedia. Brood size for the three isopods was compared by linear regression. The mean annual biomass for the three isopods ranged from 0.67 g/m2 for C. intermedia, 0.83 g/m2 for C. brevicaudus to 2.1 g/m2 for L. fontinalis. Annual production estimated by the size frequency technique ranged from 3.76 g/m2 /year for C. intermedia, 5.90 g/m2 /year for C. brevicaudus to 13.12 g/m2 /year for L. fontinalis.